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Our organization continues its proud tradition providing not only support for veterans and the active military in procuring their earned entitlements but also an array of community services that enhance the quality of life for this nation's citizens. AMVETS strongly supports VA's effort to provide extended care services to enrolled veterans and legislation to improve VA's response to the care needs of our aging veteran population.

AMVETS Service Officers offer information, counseling and claims service to all honorably discharged veterans and their dependents concerning disability compensation, hospitalization, rehabilitation, pension, education, employment and other benefits. Accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs, AMVETS Service Officers are trained in all aspects of veteran's benefits and are knowledgeable about changes in VA regulations, entitlements, policies and procedures. Each Service Officer personally develops and manages claims to ensure his or her clients receive the maximum benefits to which they are legally entitled. Our Service Officers also provide representation at VA hearings if appeals are warranted. The assistance we provide is free of charge, and you are not required to be an AMVETS member to receive it.

Thousands of households have been helped by Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation Veterans Service Officers through the Veterans Administration. These benefits are vital for supporting veteran's lives and the communities in which they live in. The Veterans and their families depend on these benefits to put food on the table, purchase medication, clothing for their family, transportation, paying their utility bills and any other needs they may have.

Veterans Service Director

Ed Humphrey

Marion VAMC, Marion

618.997.5311 ext. 54743 or 618.559.3330


Veteran Service Officers

Connie DeLeonardis (Regional office inquiries only)

AMVETS State Service Office, Chicago



Harold Dukala

Captain James Lovell FHCC, North Chicago

847.688.1900 ext. 84138 or 312.758.8387

Joel Varela

Hines VA Hospital, Hines

708.202.2564 or 217.494.4897

For appointments, call Yessenia: 217.299.8517

Conan Calhoun

2201 Eastland Drive, Suite #1

Bloomington, IL 61704



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