Each Post should report volunteer hours either by filling a paper form, or using the online system to report hours. Online reporting is preferred. 

Here are some examples of the programs that should be reported on at the Department level: Americanism, Blood Donor, Child Abuse and Welfare, Community Service, Hospital/VAVS, ROTC, Scouting and Special Olympics. For a complete listing of programs coordinated and administered by AMVETS National Headquarters and for projects that are currently endorsed and promoted in local communities across the nation, please visit the AMVETS National Web site.

  • Program Reporting Forms are to be sent to the Programs Director, AMVETS State Headquarters, 2206 S. 6th St., Springfield, Illinois, 62703. The online Program Reporting can be accessed online at

  • Program Reporting online is designed to make program reporting a much easier and also to lighten the department's administrative load. This does not mean the paper report has been eliminated. It simply is another option for those that have access to the Internet.

  • For those Posts electing to continue using the paper report, they must continue to forward them to the Department at least twice a year, for six months data ending June and in December respectively.

Printable Reporting Form

If you would prefer to fill out a PDF form and mail or email it it, click here to download. 

Questions regarding programs reporting should be directed to: Ashley Murphy at

Online Programs Reporting

Online programs is easy! Please click here to be redirected to the reporting system.