The Illinois AMVETS have been providing various scholarships since almost their beginnings. We offer scholarships for the following individuals:

  • Veterans currently enrolled in a 2 or 4 year institution

  • 2nd year nursing students - Provided by the Illinois Sad Sacks

  • Ladies Auxiliary memorial scholarships

  • Freedom's Foundation for high school sophomores

For more information, including requirements and to download applications, please click the scholarship you are interested in below.


Please note: Applications due March 1st

Illinois AMVETS Veterans Scholarship - Download application

  • Veteran with a permanent Illinois address

  • Honorably Discharged

  • Enrolled part-time or full-time at a 2 or 4 year college, university, vocational or technical school

Sad Sacks Nursing Scholarship - Download application

  • 2nd year or greater nursing student

  • Provide a copy of acceptance letter into an accredited nursing program

  • Priority given to the dependent of a deceased or disabled veteran

Ladies Auxiliary Memorial Scholarship - Download application

  • Be an Illinois High School Senior

  • Be a child or grandchild of a veteran of the United States of America who served after 09/15/40 and was Honorably Discharged, or who is presently serving

  • Have taken the ACT or SAT

Ladies Auxiliary Worchid Scholarship - Download application

  • Be an Illinois High School Senior

  • Be a child of a deceased father or mother who was a veteran of the United States of America who served after 09/15/40 and was Honorably Discharged. They need not be KIA or have died as a result of service-connected disability.

  • Have taken the ACT or SAT

Freedom's Foundation - Applications closed

Since 1987, AMVETS has offered this unique educational experience at the Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to give young people a better appreciation of their freedoms granted by the United States Constitution. The Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation annually selects high school students to attend this event representing Illinois AMVETS and its members. Students must be at least 15 years of age and a sophomore or junior grade level at the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Seniors may not apply. Cost of flight, registration fees are paid for by the Illinois AMVETS Service Founda­tion.


This is a four day conference held November 7-10, 2019 centering on topics such as freedom, civil rights and civic responsibilities, citizenship, public policy, self-development, and leadership, entrepreneurship and salient aspects of American history. Programs allow students to explore within themselves their interpersonal characteristics and leadership potential through leadership skills workshops, group skills activities, and discussions with fellow participants. Programs are designed to provide an opportunity for students to participate in discussions with authoritative and articulate representatives from government, industry, and the academic community.


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