Dreams Unlimited

The AMVETS Department of Illinois supports a grant program for terminally ill children and their families. This program provides financial assistance through a Dreams Unlimited Grant.

dreams granted

Willamina Clayton Dream

In November of 2011, the Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation fulfilled a dream for 4-year-old Willamina Clayton. Willamina had recently been diagnosed with hepatoblastoma. She has had several rounds of chemotherapy, liver transplant and stem-cell rescue. Willamina is immune-suppressed, she cannot go to public parks because of germ exposure. The Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation granted the Clayton Family a $1,500.00 Service Foundation Grant to purchase an outdoor play set.

Joshua Joseph Webster Dream

In July of 2004, the Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation fulfilled a dream for 14-year-old Joshua Webster and his family. Joshua had recently been diagnosed with a medical condition that had left him permanently blind in both eyes and, as a result, he was trying to learn Braille at school so he could read and communicate better. A Braillewriter would be required to aid Joshua in his development of learning to use the Braille system, however; the expense of such a machine was not affordable for the family. The Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation granted the Webster Family a $1,500.00 Service Foundation Grant to purchase a Braillewriter and paper supplies for their son.

Payton James McSimov Dream

Payton McSimov was born in April 2000. He was diagnosed with a very rare condition known as Costello Syndrome. Payton's family wanted the four-year-old to have a chance to see the ocean and walk on the beach, but because of Payton's condition he could not tolerate long rides in the car and as a result, Payton's family would have the expense of paying for three round trip tickets. Payton's Dream of seeing the ocean was full field in April of 2004. After reviewing a letter received by Payton's parents, the Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation paid $1,500 for three round trip airfare tickets for the family to fly from Peoria, Illinois to Panama City, Florida.

Program Criteria

PURPOSE: Dreams Unlimited is a program designed to grant "dreams" to terminally ill or seriously ill children under the age of majority (18).

  1. The child must be terminally ill or seriously ill.
  2. Child must be a resident Illinois.
  3. Terminally ill children will have priority over seriously ill children in determining whether a dream is granted.
  4. Children of Veterans, Veteran’s family, Active Duty Military, or Reserve Military will have priority over other civilian children in determining whether a dream is granted.
  5. Dreams Unlimited Questionnaire is to be completed by the family and submitted to the Dreams Unlimited Chairman.
  6. Statements detailing the child’s illness and prognosis from the child’s physician(s) are to be forwarded to the Dreams Unlimited Chairman before a determination is made as to whether a dream will be granted or not.
  7. The number of dreams granted is wholly dependant upon the operating budget of the Dreams Unlimited Program.
  8. Each dream will not exceed $1,500.00
  9. All dreams must be presented before the members present at the State Executive Committee or Annual Convention. The dream must be approved by the body before any dream can be granted.
  10. The Finance Committee will determine whether a dream is to be presented to the body for a vote.
  11. Any questions are to be directed to the Programs Director. If the questions are not adequately addressed then direct inquiries to the Illinois State Commander or State Executive Officer.

AMVETS Dreams Unlimited Questionnaire

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